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This page showcases some of the beautiful black Arabian foals that we have bred over the years.  What sets us apart from many other black breeders is our attention to the "whole package".  That means we strive for overall correctness of structure per the standard set forth by the Arabian Horse Registry, with attention to temperament, movement, functionality and of course breathtaking  beauty wrapped up in the black coat color.


Attention to careful selection of pedigree of sire and dam helps to increase the chance that each individual bred can go on to produce the next generations of Champions...with horses we've bred going on to produce successful show and breeding individuals Worldwide with horses in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.  We are very excited to announce that one of the mares we bred has had her son leased by Tersk Stud in Russia.  He is the only black Arabian in their Show Stallion breeding program.  World renown Tersk Stud was founded in 1889 by Count Sergei Stroganov and  has been breeding Arabians exclusively since 1945.


(All photos by Sapphire Farms unless noted otherwise and conformation has not been altered.)


Beautiful foals with International appeal!


Black Arabian filly sired by Om El Najeeb Dream

New black filly!  April 26, 2017 by Om El Najeeb Dream x LR Breathless!



This Shown above is a 2008 mare, pictured as a yearling.  Exported to France.



Shown above is a 2007 mare, a multi-Champion in open show competition.



Shown above is a 2008 mare, retained by Sapphire Farms.



Shown above is a 2006 mare, a multi-Champion in Halter and a multi-Regional Champion under saddle.

Photo by Ferrara Photography.



Shown above is a 2016 mare pictured at five months of age, retained by Sapphire Farms.



Shown above is a 2007 mare, a multi-Champion in Halter.  Exported to Poland.



Shown above is a 2013 stallion at age six months.  Sold.



Shown above is a 2011 stallion, pictured as a two year old.  Exported to Iran.



Shown above is a 2011 stallion, now grown and under saddle training with his new owner.  Sold.



Shown above is a 2011 stallion, winner in hand in SHIH and at Halter.  Now under saddle.  Sold.

Photo by Tamra Johnson.




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